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Polarity Therapy Element Integration

  • 1 h
  • 135 US dollars
  • San Fernando Valley

Service Description

We will discuss any specific problems or issues that you may be experiencing. Our unique form of energy healing enables you to explore the origins of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms such as pain, stress, and disease. Through this process, you can access and unwind the underlying causes of these symptoms. In addition to working with your body, we provide verbal communication and reflective listening to support you. During the treatment, you will lie comfortably on a massage table receiving BioMat treatment, with your shoes removed and fully clothed on your back. You will close your eyes, relax, and allow your mind to drift. The practitioner will guide you and intuitively deliver hands-on treatment. After your session, we will debrief with you to discuss your experience. What is a BioMat? A BioMat combines the most effective natural materials and technologies, such as Natural Crystal therapy, red-light photon therapy, FAR infrared therapy, and PEMF therapy technology. This treatment is an alchemical process that harnesses all five elements. The treatment stimulates ion channels in your body by producing negative ions, which provide energy to your cells. Negative ions are integral to healthy cellular function. The BioMat's far infrared rays penetrate deeply into your body, promoting natural health and balance, and can complement various health issues. The BioMat amplifies your healing experience and brings balance to your mind, body, and spirit on a cellular level. The session includes a brief intake process, aromatherapy (topical/inhalation), BioMat treatment, breathwork/meditation, polarity therapy, aura smudging, and debriefing. The benefits of our treatment include cellular repair, pain reduction, reduced inflammation, improved circulation, increased energy, restored vitality, promoted detoxification, boosted immune support, relaxation, and relief from stress and anxiety.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final; Rescheduling must be made within 48 hours of the appointment.

Contact Details

  • San Fernando Valley, CA, USA

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