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"Exploring the Battle Within: Soul vs Ego"

Knowing the difference between our soul-leading and ego-leading can be vital to living a more harmonious, intuitive, and fulfilling life. The soul leads with love, infinite possibilities, trust, and innate knowledge. The ego leads with” I,” survival, and primal instincts. Behind our primal instincts is our innate ability to react to new, potentially dangerous situations in the interest of self-preservation. Although we still possess most of the instincts of our primal ancestors, other instincts have adapted and evolved, which can override the older reactions. 

There is a divine purpose for both ego and soul to co-exist harmoniously. It is what allows us to both survive and thrive in life. They must counterbalance each other as integral parts of the highest attributes of self.

Maintaining a balance between the energies of the ego and the soul is essential. There comes a great responsibility to do what's right, remain humble, help others, and live in a union of reciprocity ('spiritual' values.) When a person's energies are imbalanced, they vibrate with an overactive ego. Those primal instincts move to a hyper self-preservation mode, overridden with egoic power, greed, and survival of the fittest energy to dominate. 

It's imperative to balance these polarities, keep an open line of communication with spirit, and keep ego grounded. Holding respect and gratitude for the natural order and all living things.

Remember, we are not superior to anything on this earth or throughout the universe, for we are all connected and serve a great purpose in doing our part, from the interconnectedness of mycelium networks and coral reefs to every vibrating atom with a harmonious frequency. All of these and much more enable us to exist and flourish. Most phenomena in nature have a threshold or boundary, and once that line is crossed, the natural order is disrupted, leading to catastrophic events. It's essential to understand that when we as humanity exceed the limits of integrity, ethics, kindness, and unity, we fail miserably at life and disgrace ourselves and the divine creator (God).

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