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Healing Stones


Not sure if my healing services will fit your needs? Take a look at what some of my past patients have said about their experiences with me and explore the many ways I have helped them.

Rigo S

I truly believe Kim's teachings are a true way to find your right path in life. There's plenty of negativity in life but learning different ways to deal with them is the key. I've learned so much and am truly thankful for Kim and what she does. I highly recommend anybody who is looking for a different way to view and handle life in all its forms. Great experience overall.

Leslie G

I've had multiple sessions with Kim, she's the best always lifts me up. She listens and makes me feel more than welcomed! Every time I've seen her I feel better about myself thank you for everything you do Kim! May god continue to give you strength and many blessings to help others heal!

Lavon D

Kim is what you would call a rare gift from heaven. Off the bat she makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and she doesn't rush, she speaks to you to educate you and you can tell she really cares about your needs and wants. I definitely will return for more sessions

Stefy L

Kim is great!! Enjoy her energy, passion, and help throughout the reiki sessions I’ve had. With every session done I am always feeling so much better than how I came in! Definitely try it out!!

Jon H

This was my first experience working with Reiki, so at first I was a bit unsure of how the session would go. However as soon as I met Kim in person she was so welcoming and warm. She really allowed the space for me to open up and feel comfortable. She is such a talented healer, a beautiful kind soul and a real genuine person. She has also created a beautiful and relaxing space. I couldn’t recommend her more! I will be back for another session, thanks so much Kim!

Graciela S

I had never tried Reiki before, but the nice experience I had with Kim made me come back. She's knowledgeable and allows the process to flow on its own without rush and lots of delicacy. She'll help you find your inner tools to heal and become balanced.

Camilla F

We all go through busy/stressful days, and sometimes a simple, quiet time makes a big difference. Doing Reiki has been one of the best ways to relieve stress; I can say I'm very happy meeting Kim, she is the practitioner who would not only do reiki on you, but she would make sure to help you know more about the experience, she also does follow ups day after to understand how reiki helped you. My husband and I are booked for the next session. I highly recommend this center.

Aberto A

If I could give Kim a million GOLD stars, I totally would!!!!
I don't even know where to begin! Kim truly has a gift for healing! She is extremely dedicated to her craft and assures you get your money's worth. She provides you with the best possible experience; she makes you feel extremely comfortable; she answers all the questions you might possibly have, and most importantly, she DOES NOT RUSH YOU (YAY)!!!

Words can't describe how I feel during and after our sessions. She transforms the room into an oasis of pure tranquility. I have done a total of 4 sessions with her; each time I go, it's a different sensation and experience. Everyone needs some self-care and self-healing; give her a chance. You will NOT be disappointed !

Claudia S

I don't think I have enough words to describe what a great service this is.  I went to Kim for a Reiki session 2 days before my first art show so that I could get aligned and centered, as I was feeling very nervous and afraid.  After our session, I felt depleted, not of happiness, but it felt as if a BUNCH of negative energy had been flushed out of my soul.  I felt exhausted and heavy physically, but spiritually, I felt so uplifted!  Kim helped me remember who I am and what I'm here for, and reminded me of my own personal power, and that no external force was going to f**k with me on my big day.  The event was last night, and sure enough, there were things that went wrong, but almost immediately, an unseen force all around me was fixing the problems.  For example, there was no electrical outlet in the bathroom for me to curl my hair, and I was momentarily feeling frantic. When I surrendered to it, it turned out I didn't need it anyway because my extensions were already just as wavy as my natural hair.  Small things like this kept happening all evening before the show, and yet keeping in mind all that Kim said to/for me during our guided meditation and Reiki session, helped me remember that everything was going be okay.  Sure enough, the night was AMAZING, and I could not have imagined it any better in my mind. If you need some spiritual help and guidance before an important event, or you just need to purge negativity out of your life, I highly recommend seeing Kim.  See her, talk to her, and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. You won't regret it.

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